One Year on the Clouds

Despite what WordPress would have you believe, that this blog has been active almost six years, this weekend actually saw our first birthday on the Clouds. Sure, I had posts before then, very sparingly, one every six months when I got swept up in enthusiasm, kind of things, but now it’s been one year since I started posting regularly; always aiming for that Monday post (like today!).

The 3rd June is when my blog became a real weekly thing. I’d been to Creative Writing course, I’d realised that the only thing that was holding me back was myself, and I started to take my writing a lot more seriously. Hopefully one year of dedication to the clouds has shown this, to you lovely readers as well as to myself. The journey is still ahead, and never truly ends, but I’ve shown I can come this far and can hopefully continue going forward.

Here’s to more years!

5 thoughts on “One Year on the Clouds

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