Big Up Your Blog!

Do you want to be part of a community that helps each other to learn, grow, share, and inspire? I know full well I do, it’s a big reason why I got set up here on the Clouds, but it’s also why I joined Big Up Your Blog!

When my post went out about “1 Year On the Clouds!” I never really did my one year on here justice. It was always a post I had left in the WordPress scheduling that I always meant to come back to closer to the time, but due to my unforeseen absence the last month I never did. It seems a bit late to write it now, but I can certainly tell you something else about my 1 year here.

When I first started up blogging I did so without truly knowing anyone else on here. I had one friend that was also blogging, and I had recently met Shelley at a Creative Writing course in little old Solihull… That was it. Blogging is a wonderful community though, and if you’re lucky enough and take part in enough things, you soon discover the other amazing blogs and accounts that are out here in the Blogosphere.

One such site I found was of local Brummie Suzie. Shortly after I came upon Suzie’s blog, she started a Facebook group. Now, I’ve been wary of Facebook groups for blogging, I don’t ever really share my own blog to Facebook (I’m not ashamed of it, it’s out there and it’s public, I just don’t push it onto my friends), and I’m also well aware that these groups tend to just be “I’ve written this“, “Share my post“, with no genuine heart behind the messages. That’s not what I’m about. It’s my personal goal on here to inspire and be inspired, I’m about positivity, I’m about love, and I’m about sharing when it’s caring. Big Up Your Blog! is a blogging group that actually does all that too.


Together, Suzzane “Suzie Speaks” Elliot and Em Inkles have managed to create a blogging community that is as familiar as it is welcoming. They’ve fostered a group of people who share these values; help, support, inspiration, love, care, and perhaps most importantly, pride. They’ve created a forum where you can ask a dumb question, and be assured you receive an intelligent response. They’ve established a platform where you can get follows and likes, but for the right reasons, where people understand we’re trying to promote ourselves, but are not afraid to promote each other. This is exactly what the Clouds strives for, and it’s present in every fibre of Big Up Your Blog! too.

Everything about the group is in the aid of fostering love and sharing care. It’s about appreciating each others work, more than just giving out the occasional blind retweet. It’s about being proud of what you write, and of encouraging that pride in others. Honestly, I have the group to thank for so much of where my blog is now. If you share the same values as we do here on the Clouds, I definitely recommend giving them a look. The group isn’t always open, it closes its doors to help its community interact without getting drowned out. Right now though, their doors are (somewhat) open and they’re looking for new bloggers with an interest in helping each other.

What do you think? Are you a part of any blogging communities? Does Big Up Your Blog! appeal to you? Let me know in the comments below! Or, better yet, join the community whilst it’s doors are currently open!


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