War Dragon: A 3LT


Dead. Finally, it was dead.

Her breathing heavy, her body coated in a vile mixture of bile and blood, she slumped against the corpse of the War Dragon.

The reptiles body would remain here forever, its skeleton too big for mortal hands to move, but, at long last, its reign was over; it would bring no more harm to the Valley.


Not sure what it is with me and Death the past few 3LT, but there we are. The previous one visible here: The Furnace: A 3LT. In fairness, this one prompted it a lot more than the other, but I’ll still take responsibility for where my mind goes. Thanks to Sonya, as always, and to her prompt. My commitment to this is improving!

13 thoughts on “War Dragon: A 3LT

  1. You are right when the serpent is defeated there will be no more walking in the valley of the shadow of death. Death will be no more a foe of the resurrected one and His children for ever.

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