Little Changes in Life

Have you ever thought about the impact the little things in life are having on you? What about the changes you can make that take no time at all?

Last week I wrote about Little Changes in Life. You can read it in full by following the link, but to summarise I talked about how there are subtleties in art that we don’t necessarily pick up on, but that still affect us on a whole. Perhaps we don’t know why something affects us the way we do, perhaps we can’t put words to it, but it’s there, and it’s often due to a choice by the artist, some little things they’ve put into their piece along the way.

So, if it’s true of all these art-forms, is it true of life? When editing a photo I make a little change that helps the overall image. Shouldn’t we make little changes in life to help our overall experience? Perhaps we need to make little changes in life to be able to benefit. Perhaps you don’t notice the times you’re putting yourself down, or the little comments you’re making about others. Perhaps you’re having a big effect on your life, or even someone elses life, that is going unnoticed to an untrained eye, but really making a difference on some genuine feelings.

Art imitates life, and vice versa, but often reflecting on art helps me to reflect on life. You can strain a metaphor out of anything if you try hard enough, but its true. When I think about the things I do with my writing or my photography, I in turn think of the things I could or should be applying to the rest of my life. The little changes are just one aspect of this.

Think of all the negative little things we do, that we’re not necessarily aware of. When we complain about others, simply for the sake of being bitchy or enjoying a gossip. When we are ungrateful for what we have, or when we take someone or something for granted. These little things impact us on a scale we don’t fully appreciate, they have a larger impact on us as a whole as they mount up, or as they set a ‘norm’ for us as negative and unhappy. Perhaps a little change we can make is to catch ourselves in the act? Or to be that bit more positive.

I’ve always been a big fan of a phrase “Small Steps Towards the Future. Meaning steps we take to get us where we ultimately want to be. There’s often a pressure surrounding our future’s that we have to make this big and grandiose efforts to reach our dreams, and to some people, myself included, that can be quite daunting and scary. That’s why I think about ‘Small Steps‘ or, in todays case, ‘Little Changes‘. When today isn’t the day for these big efforts, try making a small one. I may not have time to write my novel right now, but I could write a blog for you all which is good practice. I might desire to be happy in the future, and whilst today I might not be at my peak, I can take a small step by appreciating what I have, by feeling grateful for the things in my life.

My dreams, at the end of the day, are fairly hard to achieve. I want to be a successful writer and photographer. I’d love to live a creative life, whilst still affording to support my family. I don’t expect it to happen tomorrow, but I can start by making little changes today. I can write more, photograph more, promote myself more. I can do this in little, tiny ways each and every day. Slowly, as with all changes, they’ll snowball and it’ll be worth the effort. For days when you don’t want to jump in the deep end, or when you don’t have the energy to fight a fear, a small step is the best step forward.

What do you think? Do the little changes make a big impact? Are they worth making? Let me know in the comments below!


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