Work in Progress Wednesday – What it is and how you take part!

What is Work in Progress Wednesday and how do I take part?

Here on Clockwork Clouds I believe very strongly in sharing and inspiring, in encouraging others to create, and in learning through the experiences of those around us. When it became clear that this was what Clockwork Clouds was about, Work in Progress Wednesday (#WiPW) truly started to take shape.

The idea of WiPW being that I would give other creatives a platform to share their current Works in Progress. There are enough blogs out there that put a spotlight on authors who have finished their work, those riding the waves of recent publication. As deserved as this spotlight is, I found myself equally as interested by people currently striving towards something, or working on something that isn’t necessarily ever ‘finished‘. I wanted to use Clockwork Clouds as a spotlight to those of us still in that process, whether it be a first project or the latest in a long history. I wanted to see the behind the scenes, I wanted to learn what was currently inspiring someone, I wanted to share within the creative process. So, I started WiPW and so far it’s been a roaring success!

Whether you’re an Writer, or a Photographer, or an Artist or a Chef… Whatever you do, whatever your process, if you are currently working towards something and would like to share it with the world… let me know by filling out the form below! I would love to you to be part of Clockwork Clouds. If you simply want to follow along, you can find these posts using #WiPW in either the Reader or on Twitter. Interested in taking part, but need some extra ideas or information? Keep scrolling!

Apply to Take Part!


The How’s of WiPW

Undetermined if WiPW is for you? Perhaps interested but not sure what you could share? I’ll try to help out! After all, that’s what this is about… helping and inspiring each other!

When you fill out the form above, you’ll receive a reply from myself with a bit of conversation, basically asking for a bit more information and getting to know you. It’s also a great place to ask me any questions if you want to, just because you fill out the form and express an interest doesn’t mean I’ll hold you to it if you change your mind!

From there we pick a date together, usually the next Wednesday where I don’t have someone already scheduled, and I leave you to work on a post you would like to see shown here on the Cloudshelping in anyway I can along the way… That’s about it!

With WiPW, I didn’t want to be too strict. I want you to have your voice, and I want you to share what you want to share. If you want to simply share some pictures, perhaps a before and after, that’s absolutely fine. If you want to write a long post, detailing a certain aspect of your process, that’s fine too! If you want to combine both, well that’s perfect! I honestly don’t mind as long as you abide the one rule… it can’t be about something fully complete, it has to be a Work in Progress… however, consider that everyone’s definition of a WiPW may be different; something can be as much in progress at a draft stage as it is when it’s about to pass the finish line…


Helpful Tips and Tricks on WiPW

Below I’ve tried to ask some questions that might get your brain ticking. Futher below I’ve shared some examples of WiPW entries we’ve had in the past… They’re in chronological order, because each is as good as the other!


Some things to think about:

What are you currently working on?

What is inspiring your current piece?

What have you learnt along the way?

What would you like to share with others?

What is the future of your WiPW?


Some examples of previous entries:

Ritu’s WIP – WIPW Guest Post

Timelines and Editing with April Munday – A WiPW Guest Post

Getting to the Beginning by Clare Scott – A WiPW Guest Post



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