Establishing my Creativity Business with Wendy – A WiPW Guest Post

The whole purpose behind this series, Work in Progress Wednesday (WiPW), is to delve into what other creatives out there are currently working on and, hopefully, inspire and encourage others out there with their stories. Below, we’re going to introduce someone who embodies the whole message of WiPW. Someone who’s aim to is to share to inspire, and to create to encourage. Someone who, much like Clockwork Clouds, has undergone an evolution to find this purpose… So, please take some time out to read a lovely post, by lovely person Wendy, of Wendy Fairy Art!

Establishing my Creativity Business

Hi, I am Wendy, an artist, teacher, and creativity mentor. I am also a writer. I write about art and my process, yes, but mostly, I write about my nomadic lifestyle, which has quite recently evolved into – ‘The Unexpected Gypsy,’ posts on my blog.

Photo on 25-07-2017 at 15.50 #4

I could share some of my many unfinished paintings as examples of my ‘WIP’s,’ but to be honest, I have something much more interesting going on! Which is, – finally realising my dream life & creativity business.

This is the work in progress I will share in this post – my process of getting myself out there.

I am redefining and clarifying; ‘Wendy Fairy Art,’ not simply as an artist, but as a teacher and creativity mentor too. I am exploring and discovering who I am NOW (which has changed dramatically!) what I want, and what I have to offer. The outcomes are not at all what I would have expected…

I am figuring out my ‘Why?’…

What is at the Heart, of Wendy Fairy Art!?

I am also, as part of this massive, life-changing, shifting process, receiving the biggest download of inspirations I have ever experienced. It is overwhelming and wonderful simultaneously, and I am absolutely exhausted! I am wondering if this is partly due to my current location. I am house-sitting on the Great Orme, in North Wales. It is the exact spot where Lewis Carroll, got inspired to write his Alice in Wonderland stories.  And, I could explain the many ‘Alice,’ coincidences that are happening right now, but that would be a whole other post! Curiouser and curiouser though!

I am in deep, clarifying my purpose with a no-limits approach. And, one of the most unexpected parts is; that by sharing my imperfect process, ‘out there,’ I am uncovering unexpected magic. I am sharing how I am creating my dream life and business with a healing focus. Not fearing the growth, just trusting the process. With constant alignment and realignment. This marks the end of a long hibernation period I have been going through, but now, I feel the timing is perfect and the world is ready for me!

I am coming out! As an artist, Writer and Unexpected Gypsy who truly believes art is the medicine.


I have been dream weaving in the Wendy Fairy Art studio for over 2 months now. The steep learning curve of making it all happen continues to challenge and amaze me – A fantastic learning, the spiraling voyage of self-realisation. Setting up my creative dream, life and business, I am beyond what I ever imagined was even possible, already! I wrote a post, on my blog, about 6 years ago called – Do What You Love, and finally, I am!

For me, it is all about Butterflies & Magic!

The butterfly finally emerges from her chrysalis, such an iconic image. I am witnessing; that in freeing my own butterflies, and allowing myself to be SEEN doing this, I am empowering other butterflies, who inspire other butterflies, in a continuous ripple effect of endless inspiration. I am willing to share my process openly, vulnerably, and ‘out there,’ even extending to my own Youtube channel! Totally out of my comfort zone.

Also, I am feeling a particular irony in the timing of Wendy Fairy Art on YouTube. I am approximately a quarter way into my ‘growing out my natural silver hair,’ transformation. (Another WIP!) But, my butterfly is ready to come out now! And she does not want to wait the three or four more years for my hair to be ‘finished!’

And no, it’s not about my hair! But it is part of the story, showing that I am not perfect, nor, finished. I am proud and perfectly happy with all my imperfections in process. I am a forever, on-going, ‘WIP,’ travelling on my path of learning, improvement, and my own empowerment. This has brought a new meaning to my purpose of what I do, and why I am doing it. And this has been a great and wonderful surprise to me.

It’s Butterfly Time!

I realised, that as people see me DOING just this, they are inspired and empowered TO DO IT TOO. To do their own thing, whatever that thing is, and shine their own light, out there. To have their own ‘Butterfly Time.’ It radiates out, continuing the process. An awesome, cataclysmic, alighting of the Butterflies Worldwide, on-going ad Infinitum…

This is The Heart, of Wendy Fairy Art.

So, I am the work in progress. Letting others know that we can do our thing, (whatever ‘our thing’ is,) before we are ready, before we are finished. I am very passionate about this point. I may even branch out into creativity business coaching, later on, I am already feeling the call in this direction.

Others have started to notice that I look like I have swallowed the moon! And now other creatives tell me they are inspired, by watching this happen and this inspires me even more, and on the cycle continues.

In order to do all this though, – I have to put myself out there. It is vulnerable. I have to let myself be seen. And now, through my own unique, self-developed style of journaling, of particularly the last six months, I have released myself from the remaining limiting stories that were holding me back. I am NOT finished, but, my butterflies are ready! Wendy Fairy Art takes the World by Storm, by sharing her Art, and Creativity as Medicine.

I not only trust the process but I now trust myself within this. I have experienced my own navigations and my ship is sailing great! I stand tall, walk tall, and have learned to take up my own rightful space. I have healing power because I have learned how to heal myself and continue healing. I wear the authentic me, boldly, real, and true.

AND, most importantly, I am allowing myself to be witnessed in this process. This for me has been key to unlocking my unique gifts and offerings. The all new Wendy Fairy Art. And my business plan., what is that called?

Wendy Fairy Art takes the work by Storm!

I will be honest, some of the lessons are uncomfortable, feel painful, and are hard. Expanding is a scary business. These are precisely the things that froze me in my tracks in the past. But, not anymore. I have freed myself and found lessons in the difficulties. That, for me, is where the treasure lies.

Thanks for reading this rather long post, and thanks to Shaun for creating this space for WIP’s, and letting me share my process here.

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64 thoughts on “Establishing my Creativity Business with Wendy – A WiPW Guest Post

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  2. Thomas Davies

    Good luck Wendy.

    I always read your blogs. Actually the only blog of anyone’s I ever read.

    I’m also entering so I can have one of my best friend’s mother’s pieces up in my house.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, Thomas, I am putting your name in the hat right now! Going to draw soon, so good luck to you too. Xxx Thanks so much for reading, this truly is a huge compliment. Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good to see the creativity and enthusiasm; someone said above about the possibility of moving into book covers too. No doubt there are countless doors to open when one starts looking.

    Good to see you enjoying thing snow too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that idea of “Countless Doors to open when one starts looking”. I realised myself, awhile back, that we create our own opportunities by keeping our eyes open and pursuing our goals… Can’t wait around expecting those doors to open on their own! (unless we’re particularly lucky!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Its a concept I use when writing and challenging characters that aren’t restricted to “this world.” It translates into real life as you say too. Its all too easy to go forwards with tunnel vision and miss out on things that are on either side because the doors weren’t seen or opened. I think its something that those needing motivation and mindfulness need to become aware of too. Opportunities are all around if we choose to look for them. Still annoying when some just seem to stumble through them without trying lol


        1. It’s sheer probability that with 7+ Billion people in the world some will stumble on their opportunities and live a life of sheer luck! Haha. I think the most the rest of us can do is to keep our eyes open, to make our own opportunities and give the world enough chance to present us with some.

          I can certainly see why it’d be a good tactic when writing!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Very true, best keep trying the old lottery ticket then and test fate with this potential stumble! Obviously I shall not put all the eggs in that basket and continue learning how to lock pick….just in case some of these doors need a little pursuasion!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. My world seems to be filled with abstract short story potential… doors if you like and I really must start unlocking them. Been terrible of late at not keeping up with the written (or unwritten, as the case seems to be) word! Mind you Halloween approaches so maybe some of the flash fiction requests that go round the blogosphere could find me tempted 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          3. I’m in exactly the same boat. Blogs? They get written. But my fiction work has been cast aside for a little while…

            If you ever want someplace to share a WIP though, look no further 😉

            Liked by 1 person

          4. I hear you! Between trying to manage half a dozen social media platforms #newbiefeeling, reading material for spotlights and kids writing has drifted. Conversations like this bring that home and I’m on the cusp of prioritising things in the very near future. To NaNo or not to Nano is the current dilemma!!

            As for WIP; I am at this very moment about to press an excerpt of mine published on a friends blog form the current project. Four or five chapters left…how hard can that be?????


          5. I think this year is the year I really try to make the most of NaNo. I tried last year, but lost it a few weeks in, this year though (if everything else goes at least marginally to plan!) I’ll be NaNo-ing 🙂

            Wishing you all the best for the last few chapters! You’re so close!

            Liked by 1 person

          6. Thanks Shaun; it’s been close a while now, but the voices are back 🙂

            I did NaNo last year and managed nearer 60K; totally exhausting afterwards mind; but heck of a rush 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Always a good thing to keep in mind Wendy; one door leads to another or acts as a path leading to many more. If one closes, shrug it off and onto the next. Works for my writing at least 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Wendy, I can feel your joy in this post. You truly are a butterfly emerging. Your desire to seek the “becoming” rather than the “I have become” moments in your life clearly ring true in your art and all the posts I’ve read of yours so far. You are a seeker. i love that.
    I, too, appreciate the desire to simply be seen. Not necessarily to be liked, but to be simply present, to occupy space and contribute to the conversation about what is best and most beautiful in the world. Thank you for the lovely post. I so enjoy Shaun’s WiP series.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Liz Heaney

    I’ve known Wendy since my school days and she was a remarkable artist even then. I was so lucky we got to meet up last year (after not seeing each other for years) but it was just like we’d never been apart. Such an inspirational person.

    Liz x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow you were amazing at school, one of a kind and proud of it and you’re still the same. I’ve spent so long in a corporate world and now I’m it off it I’m wondering where my path will lead! Thanks for the thought provoking blog Wendy! Cx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Chez Davies, which school were we at… or what is Chez short for… thanks so much for this lovely comment… x I didn’t feel that awesome at school for sure!! I wish you much joy and freedom off the corporate path,,, wonder where it will lead you???!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. beckyhemsley

    I’m loving watching the true Wendy I know and love emerge from her chrysalis! So so proud of you Wendy – you are a huge inspiration 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How lovely to feel the inspiration you write. And ‘you look like you swalloed the moon’ wow how neat is that? I wish your inspiration to go on forever. I follow already as I do clockwork clouds. A super post #SundayBlogShare

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Wendy, I’m inspired from reading this! Your art is amazing, your ‘mission’ is full of passion, drive and clarity yet not fixed or rigid. As fragglerocking says ‘Good luck!’

    Liked by 1 person

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