20th to 26th: A Friday Feeling

Sticking to last weeks commitment, I’m going to be giving a run down of my week and the things that I’m grateful for along the way.

On Friday I was grateful for the first (and potentially only, knowing our wacky weather right now) BBQ of the year. Bought a little portable BBQ, to save using disposable ones, hopefully save both a little bit of money and a little bit of the environment along the way. We had gorgeous weather, cooked way too much food, and drank some beers. Afterwards, when the sun went in, we played a brand new board game I’d had delivered called ‘The Grimm Forest‘, which was a fun family friendly game that cast you as little pigs, building houses, whilst recruiting friends from the Grimm tales; I’d definitely recommend this one, even to non-boardgamers. All in all, it was a great Friday night, spent with great company! What more could you ask for?

On Saturday daytime I had the house to myself and a brand new game. So, I got my chores done, made myself a large lunch, and then settled into some God of War. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a new game to enjoy, so it felt like a really rewarding afternoon. In the evening, I was joined by Woody for, perhaps, the first time we’ve ever just ‘Chilled’ together alone since we lived together. Wow. Thinking about it, it had probably been 2 years since we’ve done this. Time absolutely flies. We drank too much beer, we chatted, we gamed, it was a great night. As much as I enjoy seeing all my friends, having nights where we all get together, sometimes just having a bit of quality one-on-one time is great.

GOTY Contender?

Sunday was perhaps the most different day I’ve had in awhile. I spent the day with my Dad, and we’re not usually the Father/Son duo who spend time together. I’d bought him Fast & the Furious Live tickets for Christmas and the day had come. The show was… not great. In fact, the show was relatively boring. However, it was nice to spend time with my Dad, outside of usual circumstances, and we had a breakfast together and discussed life. It was good quality time. I did realise, afterwards, that it was also World Earth Day, and I had literally just watched a bunch of petrol guzzling cars drive round in circles in an awkward attempt at being entertaining. Oops.

Neither Fast nor Furious

When I got home, Kirsty surprised me with some Donuts she’d brought back from Nottingham from Doughnotts… They’re quite frankly incredible and I really recommend them (though, not if you’re on a diet as they were heavy and sugary, but oh so yum). Knowing she went out of her way to bring me back something she knew I’d enjoy just reminds me how grateful I am to have someone like that in my life.

Jammie Dodger, Party Ring (Vegan!), Twix, and… Something I’ve forgotten!

The Rest of the week… Monday was a Monday; a typical “I don’t want to be here” day. What am I grateful for about that? Well, I got through it. I am still here. I accepted that it was a bad day, we’re all allowed bad days, and they’re nothing to feel guilty about. A few months ago, Monday had the power to ruin my week and set a tone for the rest of it, however now I opt to let Monday do it’s worst, accept that we all have days like it, and try to embrace the days that follow instead.

Tuesday, I had my last session with my current Therapist. My ‘free trial’ is over and I’m out in the world alone. This was a larger step than I was expecting. The service I was using was a free one offered through my work and I only had a limited number of appointments through it. At the moment, it feels enough; the last fortnight has been a real change in my attitude and I plan to keep that going. On the other hand, I’m no longer scared to ask for help should I need it, and if I slip back I’m going to try not to punish myself and withdraw; I’ll instead be seeking help once again.

Wednesday, I had a Dentist appointment, managed to complete some treatment there and also had time to pop in and see my Grandma before it. I am thankful for that, even if the visit was only brief. She hasn’t been very well, of recent, so it’s nice to spend time with her and I can actually see the calming effect it has.

And finally Thursday, I just relaxed and got ready for the approaching weekend.

So, it was a good week! I can’t help but feel that, since Sunday at least, I’m counting down until the weekend. It’s a habit I don’t want to get into; living purely for the weekend is the quickest way to lose track of time. However, this week (Mon to Thur) hasn’t been all that of an eventful one, which is absolutely ok; not every week is rife with plans and, sometimes, a quite one is good. I think the other reason I’m counting down though, is this weekend approaching is looking to be one hell of an epic one. You’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out about it though!

Over to you. What happened in your last week? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “20th to 26th: A Friday Feeling

  1. Er I don’t see much writing in there. Writing about your week sounds like the kind of thing a therapist would suggest you do, but what about the inner you that want to write? Won’t it be getting a little bit depressed shut up in there with no outlet?

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    1. You raise a very valid point, Jane… And in truth, it’s not that I’ve even left it out; I just haven’t done any this week. Good thinking, I’m going to have to change that before the end of next week!


  2. I wanted to get Fast and Furious tickets for me and my eldest son – glad I didn’t now! I love how you turn any negatives around and enjoy your day for what it is. Your therapy sessions sound like they’ve helped you to put a few pieces together. Asking for help is something most of us struggle with but understanding that is half the battle. As I’ve been feeling much better lately I’ve filled my diary with appointments, events, and goodness knows what else – oops! My nutritionist has told me off as I’m heading for another adrenal crash! Better start asking for help, saying no, and remember to chill out when I can. I love reading your posts, Shaun. Lets hope that big blob of sunshine returns soon as it certainly makes us feel better 🙂

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    1. Honestly, Shelley, it was a true waste of time… Well, OK that might be a little harsh. It was a bit different, and it was time spent with my Dad, but it was cheesy as anything and there were no ‘stunts’; just cars going in circles. It reminded me a lot of Disney on Ice, in fact. Trying to loosely connect several stories, quite cheesy, and mainly aimed as a something pretty for the younger audience (who probably actually enjoyed it!). Think I just went in with entirely different expectations.

      In regards to planning, I’ve found it helps to keep me sane. I’ve often found my mental health wanes when I have nothing to look forward to (in fact, my first ever blog post, back in the day, was about such a thing). So, you can normally tell I’m bored when I start filling my calendar up!

      Thanks for taking the time to read, and comment, Shelley 🙂 I love the input! And I’m glad people enjoy my posts!

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