At The End: A Monday Motivations

I cowered, hunched against the cold, metal corridors of the ships interior; my naked flesh shivering and frost-bitten by the lifeless surroundings.

From the screens I saw stars, entities I’d only witnessed from the confines of Earth, slip by us without a care and over the intercom I heard the laughter, His laughter, cruel and sharp like a scalpel edge.

How or why He’d brought me here, I did not know, and all He’d say between His awful, insane laughter was “I am you. I am your Future. We are at the End”.


Finally! I’m back doing another prompt for Esther Newton’s Monday Motivations. I’ve been taking a bit of an unintentional break from prompts, but hopefully I’ll be back on it this week.

The themes for this week were: Laughter, Cold, The Future.

A big thank you for Esther for running these Monday Motivations and hopefully this is a sign that I’m going to be doing my other prompts too this week. If you want to see my previous entries, there is either Creation, The Musician or Gold & Misery!

The Juice Thief: Writespiration #5



The odds were stacked against him.

He knew the patterns, the signs, and, when it was time, he spread his wings and fell; dive-bombing downward.

Moments later, the stall owner returned to find his jug was no longer full of his famous grape juice, but full of a wobbly, hiccuping pigeon instead.


Seems today is the day for humorous stories? I started this one yesterday, had the idea, but not the execution. Still, I’m happy with it and it made me smile imaging it as I wrote. Another wonderful challenge posed by Sacha, in which we had to write a 52 word piece using only the prompt: Time, Stack, Juice, Pigeon.

The Trooper: A 3LT


He looked at himself in the mirror beside the easel and sighed; his visor steaming up in front of his eyes.

Maybe he wasn’t cut out to be a painter? Maybe there was a reason he’d been designed as a Stormtrooper™ and that was all he was meant to be?

“Fuck it!” he shouted, splattering paint against the blank canvas, “I won’t have my decisions made for me!”


I may have just finished listening to John Scalzi’s Redshirts (Narrated by Wil Wheaton) so that may have been having an impact on how I saw this picture… Once again, a big thanks to Sonya and to her prompt. I always enjoy these but I seem to have lost the rhythm recently and keep missing the prompts… Glad to catch this one though!

The Invited:A 3LT



She laid the dining table out once again; the exact same way she did every time.

The finest of flowers, the most priceless of decorations and, of course, a place for everyone.

Maybe Today they’d actually come.


Always a lovely little exercise taking part in these 3LineTales. You can find the original prompt here and, once again, a special thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!


The Conqueror :A 3LT


He sat on his throne, weary fingers tapping cold, uninterested metal, and longed for those ancient years that preceded his reign.

There had been a time, long ago, when the world was his to explore; unmapped, undiscovered, unconquered.

But now he’d seen it all, now he owned it all, and now… he’d lowered his flag.


Been far too long since I took part in one of these (my last one was The Pumpkin King: A 3LT – and even that was a one off after over a months absence) so I decided to have another go and, hopefully, try to start doing them more frequently! You can find the post here and, once again, a special thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!

The Pumpkin King: A 3LT


Mounted on his pitch black steed, with rapier swinging above his glowing, carved head, the Pumpkin King rode across his lands.

First was the moonlit marshes, their ground bloated by the dead, and then came the fanged forest, where ghouls infested ancient trees; all this and more was his kingdom and all here bent and twisted to his wicked command.

Suddenly he was startled by a shout, sending the pumpkin crashing to an orange pulp on the pavement – “Time to come in!” his mother had said.


I can’t tell you how good it feels to be writing a 3LT again! It’s amazing how much I miss writing without realising it. Anyway! This is a fantastic, and appropriate, photo for a Halloween Prompt. As usual, this Three Line Tale is thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!

The Last Great Mage: A 3LT


The magic thrummed along his ring adorned fingers; showering his once pitch black prison in an arcane blue glow.

No longer stationary, the runes laced to his hands in metallic ink swirled surreally; their origin and nature known only to him.

With a sudden force the tower top crumbled, the rock walls reduced to dust; the Last Great Mage was free once more.


A really great photo for this weeks prompt! The buttons and rings interwoven with the tattoos, lovely! As usual, this Three Line Tale is thanks to Sonya over at Only100Words!