Wordless Wednesday #17

Been awhile since Level Up Photography took part in Wordless Wednesday, but we’ve started it up again; this time with added drool!

BBQ (12)

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One Year on the Clouds

Despite what WordPress would have you believe, that this blog has been active almost six years, this weekend actually saw our first birthday on the Clouds. Sure, I had posts before then, very sparingly, one every six months when I got swept up in enthusiasm, kind of things, but now it’s been one year since …

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When Problems are their own Solutions.

Have you ever realised that sometimes you solve your problems by… solving your problems. I don’t know how to put it better than that, and maybe it’s just me, but it’s so utterly obvious sometimes I manage miss it. Before this post, this one you’re reading here, I started a post where I once again …

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My Happiness Jar: A Friday Feeling

Continuing my weekly theme of New Years, with Mondays resolutions, Thursdays 2016 Thoughts, I wanted to do a Friday Feeling in the same vein. Thursday highlighted what made 2016 a great year, it was full of positive reflections and helped me to really reminisce about the year gone by. I think, more often than not, …

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Word-High July

I’ve decided to take part in Wordhigh July; a word challenge with an open invite that you can find here. I've seen a few word-prompts scattered about on WordPress, but this is the first challenge I've been genuinely excited about. Is that because I found it based on recommendation of fellow blogger Sam at Mousehound Writes? (Partly!) …

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Leaving the EU: My Thoughts.

Those of you that know me will know I'm an advocate for positivity and compassion. In everything I do, every situation I come across, I try to see the good in that scenario. It's hard sometimes, ridiculously hard, but I try. With today's news, and the outcome of the EU Referendum, I struggle to find …

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My Lens: Part 1 – Seeing the World in Pictures and Words

Do you ever find that when you're doing something so much, or so focused on one thing, that you end up seeing the world through a certain lens? As someone who plays a lot of video games, I've noted this since I was little... I remember lying in bed at silly o'clock, after sneaking some game time after …

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