Trapped Inside My Bubble

I haven't had much time to write recently, so my apologies for the quality here, but I didn't want to just dust off an old draft with no real meaning, I wanted to touch on a subject which is closely linked to last weeks post. Last week I shared Risk at the Crossroads, an article …

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Risks at the Crossroads

When is taking a risk worth it? When is the fear well-founded I interrupt the post I have scheduled for today to talk about something completely different. For the past few years I've been struggling to find fulfilment at work. There's been times where that's not the case, obviously. Times where I've enjoyed myself, times …

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Back From NaNo

Today is the first Monday in December. Wow. This year has gone fast! Soon we'll be in 2018, reflecting back on the good, the bad, and the weird of the distant memory that was 2017. For now, though, we still have one month left and, more importantly, it's a Month where I am back on …

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People of interest #5 – Meet Shaun from Clockwork Clouds

Deb was lovely enough to consider me a Person of Interest! Please take feel free to take a look at my interview over on her site 🙂 I’m overjoyed.

Deb's World

I have enjoyed being a guest blogger a number of times and recently decided to start a new feature on my blog to share some interesting people with you my interesting readers. I’m sharing these posts each week on Tuesdays.

Everyone has a story to tell. Yes, even YOU!

It’s true, everyone has a story and sometimes we just have to ask the questions to find out that story! Luckily I’m a sticky-beak and love asking questions 🙂

So what I’ve done is invite my guests to answer a set of 10 questions and I used their responses as a guest post while I was away recently. Although I’m now home from my travels, I have many more interesting people to share with you, so I figured I’d just continue on.  It’s a great way to share the love around and introduce interesting people to other interesting people.

I started…

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Guest: The Culinary Arts

Instead of a Monday Blog Post for you today I want to share a Guest Post I had the pleasure of doing for Esme! Please take a look 🙂

The Recipe Hunter

I am delighted to welcome Shaun Kellett from Clockwork Clouds as our Guest of the week.

Shaun agreed to share some of my home-made tried and tested recipes on his blog, and I asked him if he would care to tell us a bit about himself, so please sit back and relax and enjoy his post.  Once done, please visit his blog and see for yourself what he has to offer and share the love by spreading the word of his blog and this post on all your social media outlets as far and wide as possible.  Sharing is Caring – Thank you

My fiancee and Me
My fiancee and Me

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Creative Guilt

Do you have too many projects? Ever feel guilty for working on one but not the other? I left today free from scheduled posts so I could write something about me doing NaNo. I could have attempted to make a prediction for how I would be getting on, but that wouldn't have the same impact …

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Setting a Deadline for my Dreams

Last week I wrote about the positivity of having a deadline. You can read that here: . In the post I talked about how I need deadlines to get anything done and how I'm currently engaged in NaNoWriMo. Now, in an attempt to find some content to schedule well in advance for you, and because I'm …

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