Word-High July: Makisig


Princess Solia stood at the top of large, golden stairs watching the event play out. The King and Queen had been adamant about using the ball to find her a suitor, but it was she who had insisted on a masquerade. It would be impossible to choose someone based on looks alone, but masks gave someone a chance to portray other aspects of their personalities; there was certainly a vast assortment in the room. Some guests opted for simple, elegant masks, these were often the older guests who defined their lives with dignity and respect. The younger guests tended to boast more playful designs, animals and demons, which perhaps hinted more at their character then they’d openly admit. Solia had designed her mask herself in a way of having something unique. She wanted to emphasise her personality to her potential suitor, and she wanted him to do the same.

A few hours of the ball passed by, with nothing really capturing Solia’s attention. She was introduced to man after man, each who had the finest of masks money could buy. It took every part of her to be polite, to curtesy, and to smile; fighting every natural instinct of eye rolling and sighing. It had been a particularly hard task when she was introduced to two suitors wearing the exact same masks, in no way associated but following one behind the other. Mass produced and in no way unique, she sighed.

During the procession of un-eligible bachelors another man in the crowd caught Solias eye. His suit was fine and tailored, but wasn’t flashy in the way some of the other men dressed. His mask too, was unlike any of the other masks she saw before; looking distinctly home made.  It covered his whole face and was finely polished, reflecting everything else but his eyes; smooth, but with engravings all around the rim.

“If you’ll excuse me, sir” Solia said, bowing herself out of the current, forgettable conversation and making a sharp route for the young gentleman she had spied from above.

“May I interest you in a dance?” She asked, approaching the young man from behind, he turned and bowed deeply. His mask was

“Why, my lady” He said, still with his chest towards the ground “Who am I to refuse such a request?”

Solia laughed and took the still-bowing mans hand; rushing with him onto the already twirling dancefloor. Together they span for awhile, their outfits colliding in a whirl of colour, and their heads back with laughter and joy. For the first time in the evening, Solia was enjoying herself. This man, who she hadn’t yet truly spoke to, was the one who resonated with her. Everything about his attire, from his shoes to his suit, to his cuffs to his mask, screamed to her that this was a character she could connect with.

When the dancing slowed it’s tempo, and the dancing became more intimate, she finally spoke to her partner.

“Tell me” She said softly, placing her head against his chest, “Did you come here with the intention of stealing my heart?”

“No” He said laughing and spinning her slowly,  “But interesting choice of words”

“Why?” She asked, looking up at him. His mirrored mask reflecting the room around around them as they moved.

“Well, truth be told M’lady. I’m nothing but a common thief and my goal was your Fathers vault”


This is entry #22 for the WordHigh July Challenge of 30 Beautiful Filipino Words!

14 thoughts on “Word-High July: Makisig

  1. What??!!! Hahahah. I swear my heart remained restless until now. You caught us off guard, Shaun! Geez, can we have some lovely ending please? I, therefore, conclude that more than any vault in the castle, the thief finally found a treasure beyond count in her.

    Bravo! Well told! 🎉👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m not sure it will ever get an ending it deserves… But if it was a longer piece, I like to think there would be a back and forth, where she leaves him and calls for guards… But he escapes… And comes back for her. And after they’ve fought a little, who knows? Maybe they fall in love? ;P


  2. LOL! Reading this I have two reactions: 1) You’ve captured the mystery, elegance, and allure of a masquerade ball perfectly. It really felt like I was right there and I remember exactly why I love masquerade balls so much. 2) I did NOT see that ending coming. What a twist. But makes me wonder if there’s a love story brewing between the Princess and the Thief? That does have a nice ring to it 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it has a great ring to it as well. Love isn’t always easy 😉 I like to think they’d have a bit of a back and forth first… But ultimately he’d come back for her! 😉

      Thanks for the lovely compliments 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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