Taste: A 3LT


He was ashamedly a stranger to the tastes, and the natural, succulent juices of the spherical red fruit that lined the countries tree’s.

The outside was in full bloom with untold wonderment; the sort of which went unseen and unspoken within the high concrete walls.

He realised now, as taste hit tongue, that he had been trapped amongst the artificial; the chemicals and flavourings of a materialistic world.


I’ve been noticing Three Line Tales popping up all over my Reader today; seems I follow a lot of people who take part! Naturally I was curious and discovered the lovely Only 100 Words hosted by Sonya, where she posts a picture as a prompt and encourages others to write a Three Line Tale. I thought I’d follow suit with those I follow and attempt it myself! Isn’t it amazing how the internet connects us? People I thought had nothing to do with each other… All taking part in the same challenge! Amazing!

If you want to take part too, this weeks prompt is found here. Give it a go!

11 thoughts on “Taste: A 3LT

  1. there is depth in your simple words. the difference between the real and the man-made. Great take, Shaun!
    P.S. In the first line, you wrote tree’s. Maybe you mean trees? 🙂


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