Helping Hands

I think, sometimes, that we spend so long working on ourselves that we forget the value of working with others.

Clockwork Clouds has long been about my personal introspection, but whilst I often write to understand the inner workings of my mind, I also write to share my thoughts and feelings with the hope that it resonates within some of you. If I manage to connect with even just one reader, if I manage to help one person make sense of themselves or the people around them, then my blog has been a success.

For the longest time, that’s what drove my blog. I wanted to share my thoughts, my feelings, and I wanted to encourage a discussion about how everyone else is feeling too. I wanted to shine light on areas people didn’t necessarily realise, and I wanted people to, in turn, shed light back on me. It’s through this journey of understanding each other that I feel we evolve; it’s through empathy that I feel the world would ascend to a better level. After all, in a blue sky world, that is what Social Media should be about; it shouldn’t be about negativity, it shouldn’t be about relishing in racism, it should be about cultivating kindness and understanding.

The events of last week/weekend have taught me just how much that sharing part matters to me. I find I am in my element when I am helping someone else. Whether I am discussing the mental health of a family member, sharing my understanding with them and trying to soften the blow, or whether I am helping a friend set up a blog all for himself, imparting my limited blog knowledge and utilising my marginal editing skills, all of it makes me feel like a better person. I believe I am a highly emphatic person and I believe that doing good deeds is great, not just due to the benefit of others, but because it benefits our own journey in this world.

As with my last blog, The Power of Productivity, this is something I’ve known for absolutely ages, but it doesn’t hurt for me to be reminded of it. As life takes over, as schedules become demanding, as work becomes harder, and as my personal life gets ever busier, I lose sight of some of the things that are true to me deep down. Blogging helps me to keep my mind on goals, it helps me understand my own priorities, and hopefully it’ll help some of you as well.

Over to you!
Do you enjoy helping others?
What impact do you think that has on you or the world around us?
Let me know in the comments below!

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