The End of the Challenge. Success or Failure?

Last week I blogged to say I was going to do a new challenge. Why? Because I needed a kick up the ass and challenges are normally a pretty decent way of doing it. I usually respond well to them, and feel like a let down if I can’t get them done. This challenge was to do some ‘Free Writing’ every day for one week. Every day. That’s seven days!

So, whats the Verdict?

Well Day 1 started like this:


And ended like this:


Day 2 was pretty similar. I felt positive about it and wrote a load of pages.

Day 3 was my birthday and I predicted I wouldn’t write… Well I was wrong! I actually wrote quite a bit on my Birthday which was pretty positive.

Day 4 I didn’t do any Free Writing, but I wasn’t disheartened. While technically I had failed the challenge already by this omission, I had been productive in other means, writing in other notebooks on other subjects. I was quietly confident that this wasn’t a step in the wrong direction.

Day 5 I was back on it. I got in from the Gym, I was hot, I was flustered, I was waiting for the shower, and I wrote for 15 Minutes. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve written, it had zero ideas in it, and it even got a little self obsessive for a bit. But at least I’d written!

Day 6 and 7…. Nothing. I have no explanation for Day 6. I should have spent some time writing, I could have spent some time writing, but I didn’t. I got home after work and that was me gone for the night, I spent the rest on Xbox with Woody. Day 7 was the day of my party, so I spent too long getting everything sorted for people to arrive.

The Verdict?

Well. The challenge itself is a failure. I’ve failed! But I’m not miserable because I’ve learnt something. I’ve learnt that free writing is really helpful. I’d recommend it to anyone. Its also put me in the mood to blog more. A lot of my ideas that came out while I was free writing were things I thought I could blog about. In a way my blog IS a bit like me freewriting, I just tailor it a little bit more. All in all thought I think I’m going to be using freewriting a lot more often and, who knows, maybe I will put some up for all to see!

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